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Getting the job done with Rancona Dimension

When you have a problem, you just need to find something that will get the job done.

In the case of Ryan and Sarah Kluska, that meant adopting Rancona® Dimension seed treatment in their cereal crop program when they noticed signs of disease.

The Kluskas operate Kiandra Poll Merino Stud just north of Bordertown in South Australia, breeding easy-care, large bodied quality merino rams for private sale and auction onsite.

Their farming enterprise is equal parts sheep to cropping, with approximately 1,300 hectares sown annually to cereals, beans and grazing crops, whilst also producing export hay and maintaining a small area of permanent pasture.

Countering root disease in cereals

Ryan chose to use Rancona Dimension seed treatment to counter root diseases such as pythium and rhizoctonia in his cereals, and to control loose smut in his barley.

“I haven’t seen any diseases in my crops since using Rancona Dimension and I’ve really noticed that there is basically no dust when handling the seed,” Ryan commented

“The treated seed flows really well through my equipment.”

A unique micro-emulsion (ME) formulation provides the extremely low dust-off with Rancona Dimension at application, as well as easy clean down of machinery compared with other products. It also provides for better distribution of the fungicide and contact with pathogens.

Comprising two powerful active ingredients, ipconazole and metalaxyl, Rancona Dimension offers premium protection against crown rot and rhizoctonia root rot, as well as control of smuts, pythium and bunt in wheat, barley and oats.

Combined with excellent seed safety, it allows faster emergence, ideal seedling establishment and healthier and more vigorous plants.

Improved plant vigour

In conjunction with Rancona Dimension the Kluskas also use Zincflo® Plus seed treatment. Zinc is an essential micro-nutrient that enhances disease resistance and improves plant vigour.

“I have been very happy with the results achieved from applying Rancona Dimension along with the Zincflo Plus to assist early root development of the plant,” Ryan said.

“I would definitely recommend Rancona Dimension and Zincflo Plus based on the results I’ve experienced first-hand.”

Rancona Dimension and Zincflo Plus start working the moment your cereal seed is planted, protecting the seedling during the vulnerable establishment stage.

They combine to give faster emergence, excellent seedling establishment, and healthier and more vigorous plants for maximum yield potential. Both seed treatments are also easy-to-apply, low dust formulations for minimal dust-off during application and handling, and easier clean down.

Article written by UPL for Seasons magazine.

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