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Graza 53 exceeds expectations in Central Queensland

Farm Manager for Lyndhurst Cattle Co. of Biloela in Central Queensland, Matthew Brandt, has vowed to make the change to Elders’ Graza 53 oats after seeing the best results in years.

In 2017, Matthew chose to plant a proportion of the property’s forage oats country with new variety Graza 53, to compare performance with the well-established and proven variety that they historically plant each year. After receiving 155 mm of rain in the last two weeks of March, Matthew planted both varieties of oats in April into excellent moisture at a planting rate of 40kg/ha. He says that the Graza 53 showed exceptional establishment and early vigour.

“The Graza 53 just leapt out of the ground,” says Matthew.

“I was really impressed that it had good leaf right from the bottom of the plant. It stooled out really well and right from the onset. By the time we were ready for its first grazing, the Graza 53 was nearly 6-8 inches taller than our traditional variety and its broad long leaf structure was clearly obvious.”

Matthew went on to rotationally graze the oats twice over the coming months. Inbetween grazing he applied 50 kg/ha of Urea fertilizer and watered it in with a 40mm irrigation application leading to an impressive result.

“Our sale bulls finished really well this year, they weighed the heaviest they have in the past 4 years” he says.

“Once we had finished grazing, the Graza 53 went on to produce an impressive yield of excellent quality oaten hay when cut and baled in late September. We will be planting all our oats area with Graza 53 in 2018.”


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