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Improve results through planning

In most winter crop growing regions in Australia, farmers are working on putting another bumper crop in the books, with the last of the spring rain and storms hopefully behind us.

Although it’s not possible to plan a bumper crop, planning is an important tool to ensure that you maximise the results within the limits set by climatic conditions. Instead of doing all the agronomic and financial planning yourself, you can now do this together with your Elders agronomist, via Agworld.

Agworld believes that knowledge sharing between growers and agronomists is key to achieving successful outcomes and Elders agronomists use the Agworld platform to create plans for and with their clients.

By having visibility into next year’s plan you will be able to ensure that your plans are as close to reality as possible, making it easier for both yourself and Elders to plan ahead for the next crop.

Agworld offer a free subscription

Did you know that even you don’t have your own Agworld subscription yet, you can still log into Agworld to view your approved plan in detail on an interactive ‘maps page.’ It’s free! You’re also able to run planning reports and see the costs associated with the plans for the coming season.

The Agworld service desk is able to help you activate your account, so that you can retrospectively view all the data your agronomist has entered in the past, as well as view the plans for 2022.

Your Elders agronomist also uses Agworld to write the recommendations that you receive from them throughout the growing season.

Through your subscription you’ll be able to access all your agronomists’ data for your farm, and turn recommendations into farm records with just a click of a button.

Elders client offer

If you don’t yet have an Agworld subscription, but are keen to start using Agworld and seeing the benefits for yourself, the Agworld/ Elders grower special will be extended throughout 2022.

This means you will get your first year’s Agworld subscription with ‘plus’ level user features (normal price $2,495) for the cost of a ‘basic’ level user subscription – which is only $1,495 – a massive $1,000 discount in the first year.

We value your privacy as much as you do – we never sell or use your data and only you and your agronomist has access.

With fertiliser, glyphosate (and many other inputs) in short supply around the country, accurate planning has never been more important than now.

Article written by Agworld for Seasons magazine. 

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