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Elders pink shirt, Tricia Hedges

Keith clinic targets Q-Fever thanks to Elders’ Tricia Hedges

Elders Keith’s Tricia Hedges has been commended with a national safety award for her proactive work vaccinating against Q-Fever.

Ms Hedges, a Farm Supplies Sales Rep., organised a Q-Fever vaccination clinic in conjunction with the Keith medical clinic, opening up the door to clients and raising awareness within the local community.

Hedges explains that Elders staff are fortunate in that it is company policy to be vaccinated but that clients, particularly those more isolated, often don’t have the same awareness or opportunities.

“We are very lucky that our company takes a proactive approach to preventing Q-Fever, but most of our clients don’t focus on safety in the same way we do,” says Ms Hedges.

“The clinic overcame our client’s excuses for not getting vaccinated. It made the process easy, convenient, and cheaper than usual which were real incentives for them to book in,” she said.

The clinic vaccinated 28 farmers, varying in age, and raised awareness around the Keith district.
General Manager – South Zone, Malcolm Hunt, says Tricia’s initiative reflects Elders’ focus on safety.

“The wellbeing of our people and our local communities is the top priority at Elders,” says Mr Hunt.

“Q-Fever in particular has been a key focus for us and Tricia’s involvement in the cause is an incredible demonstration of taking proactive action against a potentially life-threatening disease.”

As a result of interest throughout the area, there are plans to run another clinic later this year.

“Unfortunately it often takes a tragedy for people to open their eyes to a disease like Q-Fever. We want to keep the cause front of mind and prevent cases from occurring in the first instance,” says Tricia.

“The clinic allowed us to do something useful for our clients outside of the office and ensure that our community members are safe and well.”

Hedges’ safety award will give her the opportunity to attend the annual awards night in Adelaide this December and put her in the running to win the national safety award amongst other high-performers from across the country.

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