Marketing and Communications announced as Team of the Year 2016 - Elders Rural Services

Marketing and Communications announced as Team of the Year 2016


Elders Marketing and Communications have been announced as Team of the Year at the 2016 One Elders Awards dinner for their exceptional support to the network and driving business innovation.

The Team of the Year award rewards the important contribution of teams across the network who work, often in the background, to support other business units and drive the success of the company.

The Marketing and Communications team are the custodians of the Elders brand, and are responsible for driving strategic campaigns across each business segment.

As well as driving product-focused strategies, the Communications and Marketing team have been pivotal in delivering innovative business solutions to the network. In 2016 this included building Elders digital presence and improving efficiencies through the new Elders website, Elders Weather website and new app, Elders Insiders, and the Red Notebook app.

Head of Digital Michael Hall, says that these projects are important steps in improving Elders’ client experience.

“To remain competitive within the market we need to find ways to add value to our clients above and beyond just selling a product,” says Mr Hall.

“The Marketing and Communications team have been critical in identifying opportunities to create platforms that benefit clients, and worked tirelessly to develop and deliver each of these effectively,” he said.

Aiming to be a cost neutral business unit, the team has a point of difference from other operational support departments in that they are revenue generating through online platform like Elders Weather.

The team have also played a key role in furthering Elders’ internal Stand Up Speak Up safety campaign by promoting the materials to clients and wider communities through social media, generating significant reach and impact.

CEO Mark Allison, says that the focus on building strong relationships throughout the network are what help the team to deliver great results.

“Their exceptional results this year are a product of their commitment to supporting the network and focus on high achievement.”