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Maximise nutrient use efficiency with new SYLAS-ST®

A new super-concentrated biological seed treatment is available this season for broadacre cereal and canola growers to maximise crop establishment.

Sylas-ST®, from UPL Australia, is part of UPL’s new BioSolutions range recently launched in Australia.

“Sylas-ST is produced from sustainably sourced natural Atlantic Kelp, (Ascophyllum nodosum), that when applied to seeds, stimulates natural processes to enhance nutrient and water uptake, nutrient use efficiency and tolerance to abiotic stress, for better crop performance,” explained BioSolutions manager for UPL Australia Neil Innes.

How it works

The biologically active plant-growth promoting molecules within Sylas-ST stimulate the production of enzymes (Phosphatase, Nitrogen, and Iron Reductases) within the plant to increase moisture and nutrient use efficiency.

Facilitating water regulation, movement and uptake in the plant enables rapid germination, and the development of an early vigorous root system.

“Large root systems increase both root mass and depth of access, thereby improving the ability of plants to access water and nutrients, better utilising N, P and K, which can help minimise fertiliser over-expenditure,” Neil said.

“Trial results from the Australian 2021 season have been extremely encouraging, with wheat trials in Western Australia and South Australia demonstrating improved yields using Sylas-ST in a BioSolutions program, and up to 9.5 times return on investment.”

Neil said that two years of independent and scientific trials in the UK have shown Sylas-ST improves a crops nutrient and water use efficiency.

In independent studies conducted by the University of Nottingham in 2018 and 2019, Sylas treated seed showed a consistent 65 per cent (pc) improvement in root biomass compared to untreated seeds.

“Sylas-ST provides the tools for a vigorous early root system that can help to alleviate stress on the developing crop, especially in drought prone soils and can eliminate the problem of “hot spots” appearing in fields later in the season,” Neil added.

“The quicker a seedling crop can begin developing its’ vegetative framework the better placed it is to deal with early pest pressure and mitigate abiotic stresses from reducing daylight hours.”

This consequently has shown to lead to rapid establishment of cereal and canola seedlings, and increased plant biomass.

Organic certification

“Organic growers will be pleased to hear that Sylas-ST is a NASAA certified input for organic cropping,” Neil said.

The concentrate in Sylas-ST is selected from 100 pc pure Ascophyllum nodosum filtered extract, before being concentrated further at low temperatures to preserve the natural ingredients – all within 24 hours from harvest.

He added that Sylas-ST has an extremely low use rate compared to competitor products, as low as 600ml per tonne, for maximum establishment benefit.

“Sylas ST is highly concentrated leading to very low application rate on seed. It’s compatible with other seed treatments and it won’t clog your equipment, making it easy and economical to use.”

“We’ve also done work with Sylas as an in-furrow treatment at the label rate of 200ml per hectare, and the results are also impressive.”

“Sylas-ST has demonstrated in studies an innovative alternative, combining a sustainable growth bio-stimulant action on seedlings with the precise application delivery achieved when using a seed treatment.”

“As we look for sustainable nutrient efficiency and ways of future-proofing crop production, there couldn’t be a timelier reason for Sylas-ST this season.”

Sylas-ST is available this season for use as a seed treatment or in-furrow application, contact your local Elders branch for more information.

Article written by UPL Australia for Seasons magazine.

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