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Mooving on up to best practice on farm for dealing with down cows

Technology in all forms is continually opening doors to allow us to better understand the implications of our farming practices for the long-term viability of our operation, and that includes effective management and welfare of our animals.

There is a real surge in product development and tools to achieve best practice in managing animal health outcomes that is likely to continue.

Down cows are a source of frustration and stress for farmers everywhere. Let’s face it – not only does it hit the farmer in the pocket, it’s also not an enjoyable experience for our animals.

When faced with down cows – time is of the essence, we must have reliable equipment that provides quick and easy solutions. The Cow Lifter Belly Strap has been developed and manufactured by Shoof International for use with a hip lifter as a best practice solution to get those down cows moving again. The benefit of course, is to ensure a more efficient and safer lifting process for all involved.

Whilst the clamp lifts the rear of the cow, the belly strap is used behind the front legs for a comfortable, balanced lift. Maintaining balance gives the opportunity to assess weight bearing on all legs before loosening and enhances appropriate restraint. Safer for the handler, safer for the cow.

Used with the clamp on one side of the fork and the belly strap on the other and with a connecting chain of the right length. This sees the cow lifted crossways to the tractor.

Cow Lifter Belly Strap is made from tear-proof PVC with 50mm webbing reinforcement. At 2.4m long keeper-to-keeper and 20cm wide it is suitable for cows of any size and weight. Designed in line with best practice guidelines the Cow Lifter Belly strap is durable and practical.

Available at your local Elders branch.

Shoof Farmer tip: What to look for in a Hip Clamp:

  • Spindle with a double directional thread. This makes it easy to wind/close for lifting and quick release when the cow has been lifted and starts to improve
  • Large diameter and well-padded hip rings – Reduces damage and chafing during the lift
  • Handle able to be used on both sides – for quick and easy use – no matter what position your downer cow is in

Cow Lifter Hip Clamp – Kerbl – 201 613
Vink Hip Clamp – 201 616

View these products online at, collect a copy of our full catalogue at your local Elders branch or call Shoof on 1800 121 801

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