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Multimin Evolution: The new trace mineral injection for modern cattle

Editorial written by Virbac for the Summer 2020/2021 Seasons Magazine.


Did you know that the average daily gain (ADG) for Australian beef cattle increased 84 per cent from 1981 to 20101?

The average dairy cow produced 27pc more milk in 2019 compared to 20002. With such amazing production trends, we cannot assume that the technology of yesterday is adequate for modern and future animals.

Fourteen years ago, Virbac launched the Multimin Injection for Cattle. At the time, this product was the first of its kind to deliver four key trace minerals to cattle at strategic production periods to optimise cattle fertility and immunity.

Multimin Evolution Injection for Cattle is the latest innovation for cutting-edge performance. Taking into consideration the latest developments in trace mineral science, Virbac has upgraded Multimin’s formulation to include 29pc more total trace minerals per dose, compared to the market leader, Multimin Injection for Cattle.

One of the most significant enhancements in Multimin Evolution is the additional zinc content. Zinc is one of the most abundant trace minerals in the body and has hundreds of different critical functions, ranging from optimising immune function, reproductive performance, and even hoof health. Research has also demonstrated that much higher levels of zinc is required relative to other trace minerals, especially during periods such as growth, weaning, gestation, and lactation3,4.

To improve product quality, Virbac have improved the raw materials used in the manufacturing of Multimin Evolution. This was a necessary step as Multimin Evolution is now also registered and sold in Europe, a continent known for stringent quality standards.

Already with dozens of peer reviewed publications from some of the world’s most recognised veterinary universities, and over 90 million doses trialled on real farms, Multimin Evolution is comprehensively proven.

Multimin Evolution retains the market leading qualities producers are already familiar with from the Multimin brand, such as low volume dose rate, extremely high product safety standards, and nil withholds and ESI.

Multimin Evolution will be available at Elders Farm Supplies stores in December 2020. For more information, contact your local Elders branch.


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