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Nufarm Terrad’or offers effective knockdown

In the wheat belt of Western Australia broadacre farmers have been fighting an ongoing battle with clover.

It had become a real challenge in the pre-sowing knockdown period. The clover was fully established, and farmers were struggling to get complete control with other Group G spikes.

“The results were always a bit disappointing,” explained Benita Moir, an agronomist at Elders Pingelly/Williams.

“We really needed something that wasn’t an SU to do the job reliably the first time, as farmers were reluctant to put SU herbicides through the boom when they were doing canola and lupin spraying at the same time.”

Ms Moir had heard of Terrad’or by Nufarm and was keen to try it.

“We mixed Terrad’or with Roundup and the results were outstanding.” she said.

“It completely took out the clover and it did a fantastic job on some of the other weeds we’d been struggling to pull down as well, like doublegees, capeweed and hard-to-kill ryegrass.”

The burndown time was very quick and it was very thorough – we were really impressed with the results even after the first few days.

Growers are typically prepared to pay for premium products – provided they do the job.

Ms Moir said Terrad’or came in at the same price or even cheaper than a lot of the competition and gave the results you’d expect from a top-shelf Group G spike.

Based on our experience, it’s some of the best value for money on the market.

“We use dozens of different chemicals every year and Terrad’or is certainly an exciting new product. For control of broadleaf weeds and particularly clover, it’s going to be hard to beat.”

Article written by Nufarm for Seasons magazine.

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