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Orondis® Flexi fungicide proves its worth

The Syngenta GrowMore site, at Bowen, in north Queensland has been trialling Orondis® Flexi, with impressive results.

Elders Bowen agronomist, Scott Hudson visited the GrowMore site last year and was impressed with the Syngenta spray program and event, which reinforced for him the benefits of a preventative fungicide program.

“There were a few things there that proved to me how good the chemistry was,” Scott said.

Disease control was excellent in a rockmelon crop. The spray program contained Orondis Flexi, which contains two modes of action and has activity on downy mildew, powdery mildew and gummy stem blight in a range of cucurbit crops.

“They said a week before we were there the untreated was still looking good,” Scott continued.

“There was a week of rainy weather and disease got into it. It was chalk and cheese.”

“The challenge was trying to find if there was any powdery or anything else where they had been spraying it,” he added.

With three key diseases on the label for cucurbit crops, Orondis Flexi fungicide offers growers an excellent preventative option to use within their programme, to keep their crops clean through the season.

“I mainly got it in for gummy stem blight,” Scott said.

“We haven’t had it here bad for a while and then this year we just noticed it in a few spots. I was keen to use it after seeing what it had done at the trial.”

Gummy stem blight can occur at any growth stage of the cucurbit crop, restricting water and nutrient uptake resulting in significant damage to both the quantity and quality of the produce.

Orondis Flexi fungicide is a preventive tool that can be applied up to 14-day intervals. Application at seven-day intervals ensures optimal protection during humid weather and when the crop is rapidly growing. A maximum of two applications can be used per crop.

Scott attests that Orondis Flexi mixed well with other products in the tank and had performed well under commercial conditions this season.

Article written by Syngenta for Seasons magazine. 

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