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Plasson customers highly satisfied with product reliability, quality and the team

Plasson Australia has undertaken a customer survey that was executed by Bold Discovery in July this year. Plasson sent the survey to 5,220 customers taken from the Plasson customer database.

Consistent with the last health check 2018, the overall customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS) are well above the industry average. Plasson was able to increase their NPS rating by almost 10%.

The key reasons to recommend Plasson are Reliability, Quality, Market Trust and the Team.

In 2018, the business started a health check against several areas across the company. It was important for Plasson to set measurable performance targets for the overall experience, and the NPS was used to track this. The NPS metric focuses on how likely customers are to recommend Plasson to a friend.


When asked which factors are most satisfying, Plasson customers mentioned product quality & reliability as well as stock availability and service delivery.

“We are incredibly pleased that we are outperforming our competitors, and these results speak to an industry-leading position, certainly in the minds of our current customers,” says Joshua Kirton, CEO Plasson Australia. He continues, “At Plasson, we are committed to putting the customer at the heart of everything we do. It is great to see that our efforts are paying off.”

Improvements and introduction of new tools & platforms

Although the results sound promising, Kirton says that it is an ongoing journey to stay on top of the game. “We listened to our customer feedback from the last survey in 2018 and have improved our available training tools, online presence, and in-store promotional activities.

Plasson Australia have actioned several projects including the launch of an eCommerce platform, further development of their social media presence with targeted end-user campaigns to help their merchants with in-store customer traffic as well as improved availability on product information & training.

Plasson have developed a series of detailed step-by-step installations videos that show the correct procedure to assembly Plasson products. Customers can use these video tutorials to train store staff or share these videos with their customers.

Furthermore, Plasson have held many successful live online session with customers where the sales teams answer all questions on the spot. More online tools are to be developed.

Article written by Plassons for the Autumn 2021 edition of Seasons Magazine.

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