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Rain + warmth + grass = pests and parasites (win a Polaris)

What a welcome change in the weather patterns that La Nina have brought across most of the country, delivering significant rain events turning the countryside green with pasture.

The abundance of grass and moisture has brought new pest challenges, with flies affecting both sheep and cattle throughout the country over summer and worm challenges increasing earlier than usual over the autumn months.  The continued rain over summer meant that fly challenges were higher than previous years and potentially will last into autumn.

For sheep producers, in some areas residual fly pressure will need to be sorted, while autumn shearers will be thinking about lice control off shears. The Pastoral Ag and Hunter River Company range (HRC) of products, available at Elders, includes long and mid-term fly protection products with Pastoral Ag Strikelab (Dicyclanil), Cyrolab Spray-On and Liquid (Cyromazine), and Iverlab Blowfly and Lice (Ivermectin). For off shears lice control, Pastoral Ag Imidalab Pour-On (Imidacloprid) is ideal.

Talk to your local Elders branch (animal health expert) about the best choice of protection that will fit your needs taking into consideration wool length, application methods, length of protection and importantly meat and wool withholding periods.

For sheep worm treatment and control Moxilab Oral + Selenium – contains Moxidectin providing broad spectrum action against a wide range of intestinal worms.  If resistant Barbers pole is causing concern, consider a strategic treatment of HRC Pole-axe (Napthalaphos).

For beef cattle farmers, the autumn period is the time to treat for worms to prevent pasture build up and ensure stock, including autumn calvers, going into Winter are in optimal condition.  In areas where liver fluke is prevalent – consider a combination fluke treatment such as HRC Abatech Ultra Pour-On (Triclabendazole and Abamectin) which treats all three stages of liver fluke as well as internal worms in the convenience of a pour-on.

For general internal and external parasite control in cattle, there is a range of broad spectrum pour-ons with the flexibility of nil meat (and or[AD1]  milk) withholds such as Pastoral Ag Moxilab Pour-On (Moxidectin), Eprinolab Pour-On (Eprinomectin) or Doramectin Pour-On.  For a value pour-on with fast but shorter action Iverlab Pour-On (Ivermectin) is a good choice.

If you are in a tick prone area – the new Pastoral Ag Tickgard Pour-On (Fluazuron) or Tickgard Duo Pour-On (Fluazuron + Ivermectin) are ideal options for strategic tick control.

You might ask why are there so many different choices? It all comes down to preference and what active ingredient has worked on your property or in your area. Each of the above products are comparable to the original brands containing the same actives. All products are made in Australia for Australian farmers. For more information drop in or give your local Elders branch a call, or check out the Pastoral Ag or Hunter River Co websites.

As an Autumn bonus, purchases of Pastoral Ag or Hunter River Company products at Elders and go into the draw to win 1 of 6 Polaris Ranger 570s loaded with extras to a total value of $25,584 each. Terms and conditions apply. Find out more on the Pastoral Ag website.


Article written for the Autumn 2021 edition of Seasons Magazine by Andrew Dinniss National Private Label Manager.

Andrew has a 24-year career in animal health in Australia and New Zealand in Sales, Marketing and Product Development roles, for local and multinational animal health companies as well as Toll Manufacturing. Andrew now manages the private label brands for Animal Health across the Elders Business (Brands include Pastoral Ag and Hunter River Co).

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