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Staff Foundation – David’s Story

Elders Staff Foundation is continuing to provide support to employees and their families going
through hard times. Elders Roseworthy’s district wool manager David Fogg experienced the goodwill of the foundation first hand, when his wife was diagnosed with leukaemia at age fifty.

“I have always donated to the Foundation but I never thought I would use it myself,” said David.

“My wife was diagnosed with a chronic form of leukaemia which was monitored for three years
before she began having chemotherapy. Things really went downhill from there.”

“I had the usual attitude of ‘just get on with it’ but it was hard. A colleague was trying to look out for me and encouraged me to apply to the staff foundation. The funds ended up making a big difference.”

“Especially toward the end when I was the primary caregiver, having the money to take care of
things like ironing or general housework, really just let me have one less thing to worry about – it took a small weight off my shoulders.”

Aside from a brief employment with another agribusiness for two years, David has been with Elders since 1988. He says that the feeling of support is incomparable to other businesses.

“I consider Elders a family, I always have. We take care of our people, and working for another
company really makes you realise that,” he says.

David’s experience is a reminder that there is help and support available to those who need it.
During the FY18, members have provided support to a total of $55,000 and covered things like:

  • Travel and accommodation costs due to unexpected medical problems
  • Assistance with funeral costs incurred with the unexpected passing of Elders employees, and other family members
  • Gap payments for expensive medical treatments & procedures

The broader Elders business also matches $1 for $1 of donations received.

If you are an Elders employee in need financial help, you are encouraged to apply for assistance. Please visit the Employee Support section of the HR intranet page here.

If you are a permanent employee and not currently a member of the Foundation, you can apply by submitting this form to Elders Payroll.