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Stockyard Packages for Easier Livestock Handling

Editorial written by Arrowquip for the Summer 2020/2021 Seasons Magazine


For the past three decades, Arrowquip’s primary goal has been to make livestock handling easier.

Its continuously-improved wide product range includes everything from cattle crushes to loading ramps and single panels to permanent yard systems.

Arrowquip’s mission is one of improving the business of livestock management and protecting people and animals from harm.

For the past two years, Arrowquip says, the sum of its experience has been showcased in the Stockyard Package range. This range was a curated collection of proven stockyard designs built to cater to a variety of needs and embodies its goal to make easy livestock handling the norm, and not the exception.

Helping You Find the Right Solution

Arrowquip’s goal of easier livestock handling begins with making it simpler to choose a system that will suit your situation. The Stockyard Package range was our solution to making this process as easy as possible.

The Arrowquip team has years of experience designing custom stockyards, and has dedicated abundant resources towards understanding and applying the science of livestock handling. With that knowledge and expertise, Arrowquip could readily identify and create a set of proven yard designs that work in any given situation.

The range of designs catered to a range of sizes for the cattle operation and the sheep operation, and the designs were built to be complete solutions. Each one included every piece of equipment needed to get started, from the crush to the crowding tub.

With a range of tried and tested designs, Arrowquip made it easier to identify and choose a system that was right for you. In the years since, it has updated and expanded that range, including next generation crushes, specialised crowding tubs, and loading ramps that meet the new safety guidelines for loading livestock.

Designs That Are Proven to Work

The team behind Arrowquip’s stockyard designs has had many years of experience in the animal industry, and team members have participated in many hours of practical training in animal science and behavioural psychology. This combination of real-life experience and expert training gives designs a performance edge. Every single Arrowquip yard has been designed to make livestock handling as easy and as efficient as possible.

This design mindset applies to the overall design of the yard, making sure the yard flows well as a whole, and it also applies to the individual components of the yard. These components include innovative crowding yards designed to work with animal behaviour principles, and cattle crushes focused on ease-of-use and safety for the animal and the operator.

Going further than just design, Arrowquip’s research and development department continually strives to improve current products and develop new products that are easy to use and increase safety and efficiency.

Quality Materials and Manufacturing

Top-quality manufacturing starts with top-quality materials, which is why Arrowquip begins with high-tensile strength Australian steel that has 200 grams of galvanised content per square metre. Higher-strength steel means more durable equipment with less weight. And high gal content extends the life of equipment by preventing rust.

These quality materials are used to manufacture strong, efficient, and durable livestock handling equipment in Arrowquip’s NSW factory. With a large team of trained workers, procedures and processes, it can manufacture products that measure up against the highest standards of quality. Every stockyard package is stamped with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee against defects, and has been designed to work well, right from the start.


Arrowquip’s complete range of stockyard packages is outlined in its stockyard package booklet. The booklet is available from It presents its most popular and proven designs and provides more information about the layout and individual yard components. Each yard is offered in multiple grades of quality and strength so that you can not only find a yard design that meets your needs, but find an option that’s also within your means.

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