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Queensland’s new reef regulations – what you need to know

You’d be hard pressed finding a Queensland farmer who doesn’t love the Great Barrier Reef. It’s a symbol of sorts – grand, beautiful, one of a kind, with an emotional…

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Managing cows and ewes during pregnancy

Has there ever been a better time to have breeding stock? Not in my lifetime. Both the cattle herd and sheep flock are in rebuilding…

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Routine check the turning point for cattle station

A meeting to discuss feed tactics proved to be a turning point for a West Australian cattle station. With the property in the grip of severe drought, the station’s owners had called in Thomas Elder…

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Milk Warming Best Practice

Why should we warm calf milk? As temperatures cool into autumn and through winter, newborn calves lacking the body fat of older calves become particularly…

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Pioneering on-farm program returns positive results

A pioneering on-farm program is returning positive results for livestock health and fertility rates across the country. Virbac’s Multimin Performance Ready Challenge, is focused on…

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Marks-Min – Trace Mineral with vitamin B12 in a convenient single dose

What is Marks-Min? Marks-Min is a trace mineral injection for cattle that contains the trace minerals copper, manganese, zinc and selenium along with vitamin B12,…

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Monitoring worm burdens in cattle

Monitoring worm burdens through worm egg count tests in cattle following the recent break in the season. Recent rainfall and warmer conditions means that worm…

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Graza 53 exceeds expectations in Central Queensland

Farm Manager for Lyndhurst Cattle Co. of Biloela in Central Queensland, Matthew Brandt, has vowed to make the change to Elders’ Graza 53 oats after…

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How to reduce the risk of grain poisoning in livestock

Grain poisoning is a common health issue faced by producers feeding grain, and is a gateway to increased risk of other health issues developing. The…

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Pest Alert: Mosquitoes and other biting insects

Wet weather and flooding in various regions across the country has provided the perfect environment for the proliferation of mosquitoes and other biting insects. Some of these insects are potentially harbouring…

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Online classifieds boost livestock sales

Australia’s largest livestock classifieds are proving successful, with Elders’ new online system receiving more than 162,000 views during the month of May.

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