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Elders agronomists from Central NSW visit Cowra NSW Solutions

New pulse herbicide in field of its own

The opportunity for winter grain growers to control problem grass weeds and mitigate herbicide resistance in the pulse phase of cropping programs, as well as…

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Maximise nutrient use efficiency with new SYLAS-ST®

A new super-concentrated biological seed treatment is available this season for broadacre cereal and canola growers to maximise crop establishment. Sylas-ST®, from UPL Australia, is…

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The best choice in seed treatments is changing

Every farmer knows you can’t afford to keep repeating yourself. Like top sporting teams, cropping programs need constant renewal to maintain the same level of…

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Soil moisture agent surprises in trials

In a higher rainfall season, some may consider the use of a soil moisture agent at seeding to be less effective. Trials, however, are continuing…

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Improving the outlook through the pre-emergent window

Most cereal growers now rely on the lasting control of premium pre-emergent annual ryegrass herbicides to set up a successful season. In the last 18…

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BASF Sharpen for knocking down broadleaf weeds this season

Agronomist: Mick Marchant – Elders Young Product: BASF Sharpen Crop Situation: Knockdown Weeds controlled:  Wireweed Fleabane Milkthistle Melons Ryegrass Brew: 1L/100L            Hasten 1.8L/ha            …

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Weed control the most important spray operation in relation to yield outcomes

Andrew (Jack) Daniel, Elders Technical Services Manager in Warracknabeal, began using FMC Hammer when it was commercially available in early 2000. After trialing the product,…

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Let’s Talk Nitrogen application with Charlie Walker

Seasons come in many shapes and sizes and can vary significantly from one year to the next. One common denominator from year to year is…

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Insect protection a top priority for emerging pasture this season

Alan Strachan, backed by his agronomist, Rob Harrod of Albury, is placing his confidence in Pyrinex Super for insect protection this pre-emergent season, after seeing…

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Research trials prove worth in scientifically backed herbicide management plan

Herbicide resistance researcher and industry leader in weed management best practice, Dr Peter Boutsalis, has recently been involved in assessing an important herbicide and one…

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Nev and Brooke Hollins, Burraboi, Southern NSW

Hard to kill weeds target in Southern pre-seeding strategy

Nev and Brooke Hollins are third generation farmers from Burraboi, Southern NSW, with a farming enterprise of 3500ha of dryland and flood/pivot irrigation.  Their property…

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Ease of use proving point of difference in preventative strategy against pests

Western Australian broadacre farmer Dustin Fry has honed in on pest control to establish the most promising winter crops, proving the value in a strong…

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