Tough jobs made easy with the new EasyLOK large bore metric fitting from Phimac. - Elders Rural Services

Tough jobs made easy with the new EasyLOK large bore metric fitting from Phimac.

You can’t beat the original, having developed the world’s first plastic joiner in 1962, Philmac continues to innovate and improve their compression fitting range.

The new EasyLOK fittings for large bore pipe complement the existing 3G Metric fittings that are available in sizes from 16mm to 63mm and utilise the Philmac Slide and Tighten technology. If you need to join Rural B Class poly pipe you can’t go past the original Philmac rural compression fitting range with the unique self-aligning terracotta inserts.

The new Philmac EasyLOK fitting range is the perfect fitting when you are working with large bore metric poly pipe. When working with large pipes, ease of assembly is vitally important. EasyLOK fittings have been designed to ensure that installation is as easy as possible and that it works every time. When working with large pipes, installation can be challenging not only because of the size of the pipe but also the condition of the pipe. Recognising this EasyLOK fittings are installed by taking them apart and then putting the components on separately. The components all go onto the pipe easily and ensure that everything is positioned correctly no matter the condition of the pipe. The pipe can then be pushed into the body of fitting and the nut fully tightened. Installation is made easy and 100% reliable with EasyLOK.

Available from 50mm up to 110mm EasyLOK compression fittings are the fitting of choice for supply of large volumes of water and irrigation applications, where blue line metric PE pipe is used.

Equally, ease of disassembly makes the job of altering watering systems more manageable. EasyLOK fittings have been designed so that they can be easily re-used. Once the fitting is installed it is a simple matter of loosening the nut with multi-grips or a spanner. Once the nut has been loosened the internal components can easily be released and the pipe removed from the fitting. Disassembly could not be easier.

The EasyLOK fittings have been designed to reduce the torque required to tighten the nut, when installing the nut can be tighten almost all the way by hand. With Easylok fittings it is essential that the nut is tightened fully so that no threads are showing to ensure complete compression of the seal. The flange on the body of the EasyLOK fitting provides a visual stop to indicate when the nut is fully tightened. This removes any uncertainty from the installation process.

EasyLOK fittings are made from a high grade of polypropylene to provide significant resistance to both chemicals and impact. EasyLOK fittings are supplied with EPDM seals which means that the fittings can withstand a wide range of chemicals without having to switch components. There is always a risk of impact so the fitting must be tough and durable to provide a long life.

You can be sure you have the job covered as the EasyLOK range is rated to PN16 and is available from 50mm to 110mm.To ensure complete coverage and that there is a fitting for all requirements EasyLOK fittings are available in joiners, elbows, male and female adaptors, tees and threaded elbows and tees

The fitting has been designed to minimise pipe twist as the nut is tightened. Maximum pipe twist is approximately three quarters of a turn compared to one and a half turns with many other fittings. Pipe twist can impact on not only the connection you have just made but also on the connection at the other end of the line.

Join large bore metric pipe fast and reliably every time with the Philmac EasyLOK range of compression fittings.

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