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Updates to Elders Weather website

We’ve recently updated the Elders Weather website to ensure it’s mobile-friendly, easier for people to use on a smaller screen and to meet Google’s global standards for all websites. This is so we can continue to offer a best-in-class free weather service to Australia. We value the feedback provided and will continue looking at ways to enhance your experience.

Elders Weather is designed to be viewed on a desktop computer screen and in a dedicated mobile app, with a simplified version of the website for view on a smaller mobile screen. For the best user experience, we recommend using the solution that’s right for your device.


If you’re viewing on mobile, please download the Elders Weather App which is free to use.

For $2.99 per year you can access additional data, with no advertisements.


Download Elders Weather ios app on App Store
Download Elders Weather app on Google Play

There are some differences in the detail you’ll see when viewing the website on a desktop computer versus on a mobile device. The main differences you may notice are:

Look and feel when viewing the website on a mobile browser

  • Previously, the entire website displayed regardless of what device or screen size you viewed it on. On a mobile screen this meant the website was zoomed out and required you to pinch and zoom to find information.
  • Now, the sections of the website are laid out in a mobile-responsive way, which means that more specific information is directly visible to you, closer than before.
  • To find your location, you may need to scroll or to search, rather than to pinch and zoom.
  • The menu and the search bar can be found at the top right side, see the screenshot.


Local pages

  • 48-hour forecast information: on a mobile device this is limited to 24-hours. For the 48-hour forecast, please refer to the desktop view of the website, or please use the Elders Weather app. We’re working to develop an extended 48-hour graph design for the website when viewed on a mobile device.
  • Zoom on radars: the ability to zoom the radar view is not currently available on the mobile browser view of the website. To help widen the view, we will soon adjust the default zoom level from 64km out to 128km. You can zoom the radar view in the Elders Weather app. We’re working to develop a way for you to zoom in and out when viewing the website on a mobile device.

Changes to data

  • The marine and surf data and some charts have been removed due to feedback from our audience. Data for Sun and Moon times and Tide Graphs is still available on each local area page, under the 7-day forecast section.
  • All rain information, current and forecast, is available on each local area page. The long-range rain forecast can also be accessed via the Forecast section of the website menu. Dam Levels can also be accessed from the menu and on each local area page.

There have been no recent changes to our much-loved Elders Weather App.


We’re always looking for ways to improve Elders Weather. If you have feedback, please let us know through the feedback form on the website and in the app.

Elders Weather Feedback Form

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