Our partners at BEEF 21 - Elders Rural Services

We are supporting the sustainability of the Australian Beef Industry with…

Thank you to our event partners for their support of Elders at Beef Australia 2021. This year as we focus on sustainability in the beef industry, we posed the question to our partners, find out how they are supporting sustainability below.

…our extensive range of pasture and forage varieties and on-farm advice. By providing the right pasture solutions for each situation, we focus on long- term sustainable outcomes for Australian farmers. Barenbrug is one of Australia’s leading seed businesses specialising in research and development, marketing, extension and distribution of proprietary pasture and forage seeds, cropping, turf and seed enhancement technology. Learn more about our range and services to support your agribusiness be visiting our website.

…providing producers with the platforms and tools that enable them to better manage their farms and livestock. Our product solutions help them identify animals through RFID and visual management tags, contain livestock with powerful electric fence systems & fencing tools, monitor and measure pasture, track individual livestock performance both in the yard and in paddock with our weighing and EID solutions, provide them with livestock data that enables them to make informed decisions as well as keeping their animals in top health using our range of animal treatment devices.

…providing solutions for better pasture utilisation and monitoring of individual animal performance.  More recently, Gallagher have partnered with Landcare Australia to support over a dozen producers around the country in promoting sustainability through improved land use by subdivision and exclusion of pest animals. Gallagher are committed to supporting your beef and your future and are excited about partnering with Elders for Beef Australia 2021. We can’t wait to show you our latest innovations in cloud connected communications, livestock management and virtual fencing – all designed with farmers and the rigors of farm life in mind.

…supporting the communities where we operate, innovating in animal health, and protecting the environment. The world depends on animals for companionship, comfort and nutrition. At Zoetis, we’re committed to the health of animals and supporting the people who care for them. Healthier animals will help create a healthier future for people and our planet. Sustainability is embedded into the way we operate through our strategic decision-making, business processes and formal commitments to Environmental Social Governance responsibilities as we continue to work with our customers and communities to reach our common goals for a more sustainable world.

…delivering Australian Made fencing solutions that helps producers maximise productivity through proactive and reactive pasture & livestock management. Sustainable investments in your property start with reliable products. With proven performance year-after-year, you know you can depend on Waratah. Take control of your land management with a wide range of fencing solutions from Waratah, available from your local Elders branch.  When only the toughest solutions will do, Australian beef producers turn to Waratah Fencing. For more information about the Waratah range, please visit our website.

…our sustainable range of products and in the way we do business. Plastic pipes and fittings are a smart and sustainable solution for the transportation of water and energy. They are the material of choice in many essential services, provide safe, clean drinking water to Australian communities, are engineered for a long service life, have low embodied energy and can be recycled. We continually invest in innovative solutions to improve the sustainability of our products and systems for the community and to reduce our manufacturing and distribution environmental footprint.

…investing in our range to support Australian cattle farmers. Bainbridge continues to expand as Australia’s only Australian owned and operated supplier servicing all segments of animal husbandry and farm related merchandise, for almost 100 years.

…our commitment to advancing sustainable agriculture to enrich lives and our planet for generations to come. We’ve established 14 goals to achieve by 2030 that will increase the resilience of our global food system. Learn more about our goals via our website.

… controlling unwanted woody regrowth with precision aerial application to produce more grass for improved cattle live weight gains.

…innovations in packaging and manufacturing while also providing practical support for producers to best manage their beef businesses. From ongoing ruminant nutrition seminars across Australia to our Nutritional Advisory Line 1800 804 096, we are committed to the future of the beef industry.

…balancing issues of environmental, social, cultural, and economic sustainability to make a valuable contribution to the future of our country, our communities and the rural business sectors we operate in. Learn more about our initiatives and goals via our website.

…responsible choices for a sustainable future. Performance is only sustainable when adopting an approach that simultaneously reconciles economic growth, care for people and the environment.  Learn more about our commitment to sustainability via our website.

…providing high quality, reliable and affordable cattle handling equipment to support our cattle producers and their operation. Leicht’s CIA is a proudly Australian made company. Our products are designed and produced locally from predominately Australian made materials. All products are designed and engineered with safety for both animal and operator as our highest priority.

…providing farmers with the tools to monitor on-farm water ecosystems delivering near real-time reporting on water trends and consumption with alerts to your mobile and email. Farmbot monitors are solar-powered and work off either Satellite or Cellular (3G/4G). If you’ve been thinking about remote water monitoring, to save you time, money, and give you peace of mind over stock water, Farmbot is the technology for you.


…helping to digitise the farming industry with its easy to use software for farm and livestock management. The software can be used online or offline and on any device so that farmers can manage record keeping right from the paddock. This allows farmers to digitally capture information for streamlined reporting and easier management of audit and accreditation requirements. It also gives them greater insight into what’s happening on the farm so they can make data-driven decisions and increase productivity.

dcat-logo…providing insights to producers and their advisors from space to assist in decision making. Through our AgIntel product, only available from Elders, we serve farmers across Australia with intelligence about their properties every three days, on average. Whether monitoring pasture abundance, crop health, topsoil minerals prior to planting, or a wide array of other intelligence about the status of land, pasture or crop, trusted information from AgIntel is driving productivity gains, farm efficiencies and cost savings.

goanna-ag-logo…connecting to your farm like never before. Using low cost sensors and connectivity, we work with farmers and land managers to optimise water and weather management across the farm and significantly improve on-farm efficiencies.

myriota-logo…providing low-cost Internet of Things connectivity for sensors and devices across agriculture, transport and logistics, mining and defence, Myriota transfers data from anywhere on earth via nanosatellites – without the need for ground-based infrastructure. Myriota is the global leader in low-cost, low-power secure satellite connectivity for the Internet of Things.

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