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HRC Moxistar Long Acting Injection 500ml

Product Description:

Moxistar Long Acting Injection has been specially formulated to provide a prolonged release of moxidectin in cattle. It is ideal for long term protection against key internal and external parasites including cattle tick. With persistent activity against internal parasites for up to 120 days (see table in attached flyer for details) or cattle tick for at least 51 days, no other product offers longer term protection ensuring optimum health, performance and fertility.


Moxistar Long Acting Injection for Cattle is effective against sensitive strains of the following parasites:
Internal parasites: Mature (adult) and immature (L4): Barber’s pole worm, Ostertagia ostertagi / Ostertagia lyrata (including inhibited larvae), Black scour worms, Small intestinal worm, Nodule worm, Hookworm, Whipworm, Lungworm and Adult nematodes.
External parasites: Lice (Sucking lice). Aids in the control of Bovicola bovis (biting lice), Mites and Ticks.

Active Constituent: 100 mg/mL Moxidectin
SIZE: 500ml

Read the Moxistar Long-Acting Injection flyer.