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Prepay with Elders

Through the Elders Rural Products Pre-payment Program (formerly Farm Supplies Pre-payment Program) you can prepay into your Elders pre-payment account and receive a 4.2 per cent p.a. reward on future rural products purchases.*

Simply download the application form below, or request an application form from your local Elders branch. Once approved, an invoice will be provided and a reward of 4.2 per cent p.a. will be applied to your pre-payment account.

Who is eligible

To be eligible for the Elders Rural Products  Pre-payment Program, you must deposit money in an Elders Rural Products Pre-payment Account.

Minimum amount to be deposited will be $10,000.

What is the reward?

A reward of 4.2per cent p.a. will be applied to the pre-payment account.

What is the reward period?

The pre-payment amount and reward earned must be used within a 12 month period of prepayment.

If the amount deposited is not used within the determined time period, the reward amount will be forfeited.

What are the terms?

Once deposited you cannot withdraw that money under any circumstances.

Rewards amount must be used to purchase Elders rural products.

The reward amount is not interest and cannot be paid out separately to clients.

The reward amount is applied to the account each month.

See the full terms and conditions.

What about fees and Tax?

There will be no account keeping fees charged to you.

Elders has obtained a ruling from the ATO that the prepayment is tax deductible in the year that it was paid. Certain conditions apply so clients should seek their own independent advice.

How do I apply?

Download the form or contact your local branch today.

Contact your local Elders Branch to apply now.

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*This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and you should consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisers before engaging in any transaction.
For more information refer to the product Terms and Conditions.