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Elders most trusted agribusiness brand1 for second year running

Elders were recently voted the number one most trusted agribusiness brand among rural Australians in the Roy Morgan Agribusiness Brand Trust Survey.

Being the most trusted agribusiness is an important indicator for us that we are doing the right things on the ground with our clients, and at a corporate level that we are instilling a strong and healthy culture throughout the company.

“Trust is the foundation of our business and it isn’t built overnight.”

A key element of developing this trust is through the creation and sharing of insights, advice and opportunities from our people and supplier partners to improve your on-farm productivity.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Seasons magazine and stories from our trusted team.

1 Based on unprompted trust and distrust scores, Elders was the number 1 most trusted Agribusiness brand among regional Australians in the Roy Morgan Agribusiness Brand Trust Survey, July 2021.
Base: Total Respondents. Weighted results. n=1,102, Note: Brands only with 20+ mentions were included.

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Spring flush to set the tone for sheep markets

Take a timely look at the trends in the sheep industry in 2020-21 and how they could shape the next 12 months as we analyse figures from AuctionsPlus.

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Rural Bank collaboration helps local communities

Explore Elders relationship with Rural Bank as seen through the eyes of Sam Krieg, agribusiness relationship manager,  mid-north of South Australia.

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Prices cotton onto future supply and demand equation

Australian cotton production is forecast to increase significantly in 2021-22 driven by favourable seasonal conditions. We explain why.

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A rewarding career serving farming communities

Karel Walker has enjoyed working at Elders for 16 years. Find out why helping her local farming community means so much to her.

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Animal health


Preventing leptospirosis: protecting your cattle and your family

Learn about leptospirosis – what it is, how it is transmitted in cattle and humans and how to minimise the risk of spreading it.

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Spring shearing – it’s time to talk lousicide rotation

Discover the importance of loucicide rotation and how to choose the right products for the job to maximise efficacy.

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Target sheep repro: a ground breaking sheep reproduction program

Favourable seasonal conditions, mean sheep producers are busy rebuilding their flocks. Learn how the Target Sheep Repro Program can assist.

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herd of brahman cattle

Delaying tick control can be costly

Cattle ticks can cause significant welfare concerns for the animal and production losses. Find out how and when to start your tick control to reduce risk.

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Combination vs rotation: the big question in lice management

Read how Fennec lice treatment combines the power of two actives for outstanding efficacy, and five weeks’ protection from reinfestation.

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Thinking with your gut? The role of microbes in ruminants

Learn how an animals gut plays a critical role in health and wellbeing and accommodates a vastly complex community of micro-organisms.

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Plan for healthy animals this spring

Recent weather and warmer coming months mean an increase in animal parasite problems. Plan now and be prepared with the range of products from Pastoral Ag.

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Crop protection and fertilisers

boomsprayer-in-paddock-at sunset

Begin the 2021 cropping season in the clear, with a clean boom sprayer

Discover the benefits of All Clear DS from AgNova to clean your boom sprayer and avoid costly contamination issues.

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Success Neo now registered for use on Onion thrips

Learn how Corteva’s Success Neo provides onion growers with a powerful new control option for thrips with a new mode of action.

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the-effect of sygenta-herbicide-on-wheat-left-compared-to-untreated-right

Research provides hope in face of rising crown rot

Read how crown rot is affecting cereal crops, the research that is being done and a range of new products by Sygenta that is helping manage it.

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Valor brings flexibility to weed control

Learn about the many ways Valor herbicide by Sumitomo can help control a variety of weeds.

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It’s easy to go DRY in your orchard and plantation

Discover how Fascinate DRY Herbicide helps provide broad spectrum weed control of grasses, broadleaf weeds and vines in plantations.

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DiPel® – technology ahead of its time

DiPel pest control is 50 years old this year. Learn about the technology behind the name and how it has stood the test of time.

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Mollusc mitigation – what risks do snails and slugs pose?

Control of snails and slugs requires timely application of baits, based on an understanding of when and where the greatest threats exist.

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Newer almond fungicides show strength amid product restrictions

Restrictions on the use of some traditional fungicides for almond growers in recent times is shining a light on newer fungicides.

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Extended protection against grape diseases

A new fungicide product from Bayer offers one-pass control of powdery mildew and botrytis bunch rot for grape growers.

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Vantacor insecticide enhances an already outstanding product

Read about Vantacor, the latest incecticide by FMC, the latest weapon for producers in the fight against catapillars in crops.

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New benchmark for grass, broadleaf weed control is coming

Learn about the new grass and broadleaf weed herbicide Mateno by Bayer and read about its impressve results in trials.

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Reduce your carbon footprint with quality nitrate fertilisers

Yara can help farmers reduce their carbon footprint by utilising environmentally friendly production methods for nitrate based fertilisers.

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Tackling environmental stress for your best pollination and yield

Once planted, environmental factors can start to reduce a seeds full potential. Learn how to get strong flowers and reduce stress for your crops and tress.

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Billions of willing workers for horticulture

You can utilise the millions of soil micro-organisms to grow healthy plants and increase yield. Learn about Omnia’s products that can assist.

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A green future for nitrate fertilisers

Global fertiliser giant, Yara, is banking on ‘green’ ammonia in its bid to slash its carbon footprint by 30 per cent within a decade.

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Farm supplies and fencing


Multi Trans 7000, simply a smarter bin

Read about the Multi Trans 7000, the latest in the range of poly silos by Enmach.

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Cyclone – gate fittings that last

Learn about Cyclone’s wide and innovative range of gates and gate accessories to suit most rural needs.

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Polymaster has bulk diesel storage covered

Read about the Polymaster diesel tank which can save you money and time.

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Plasson Quick Coupling Valve

Learn about the Plasson Quick Coupling Valve which saves you time, money and is quick and easy to install.

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Upgrade your properties biosecurity with Waratah fencing solutions

Learn how secure fencing from Waratah helped farmer Duncan Campbell solve his biosecurity issues.

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Award-winning Gallagher water tool perfect for small farms

Read how the Gallagher water flow indicator helps making locating leaks easier, saving you time and money.

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The Power of Data on a new level, individual animal data – everyday

Read about the benefits of having individual animal weight data and how easy it can be to obtain thanks to remote walk-over products.

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Stock watering solutions made easy with Philmac

Water is precious and so are your livestock, selecting the correct float valve is a crucial link to delivering quality water to maintain the health of your livestock.

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Increase your liveweight production per hectare with Pallaton Raphno®

Pallaton provides feed when farmers need it most by bridging the summer/autumn feed gap for beef, sheep, and dairy.

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Spring sowing – forage brassicas

Discover some of the benefits of incorporating forage brassicas into a pasture system and how it can add real value to your farming business.

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a yard-of-twin-lambs

Ecotain® boosts lambing percentages

Read how the Ecotain® plantain helped Victorian farmers improve lambing percentages and productivity.

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