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Backing you, backing the RFDS

Every edition of Seasons, we bring you the expertise and equipment that supports you in the paddock but when we say Elders is for Australian agriculture, we’re talking about something that goes far beyond the boundary fence.

Every farmer and everyone who wears a pink shirt is part of a community that pulls together. That’s why Elders is backing the people who back you and your family, the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

As a major sponsor of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) Central Operations, which serves South Australia and Northern Territory, Elders is making a $300,000 contribution towards the upgrade of its fleet of flying intensive care units.

Doing our bit for RFDS, a vital part of our community, is just one of the ways Elders stands for Australian agriculture.

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Dealing with pasture dieback

Dieback is killing a growing area of pastures in Queensland and northern New South Wales. We explore it and the solution to this mysterious problem.

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How to make stylo a weight-gain star

Discover the almost indestructible legume for the dry northern tropics that can make the difference between meeting export weight-for-age targets or missing them.

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Grains are about to get exciting

Thomas Elder Market’s Andrew Whitelaw explains why this is an exciting time of year for the Australian grain market, including graphs showing global harvest figures.

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The new tech that’s changing the way properties sell

Technology is set to revolutionise the way farm properties marketed. See how your next sale could reach new markets and attract potential buyers earlier.

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Farmer trades livestock without putting down a dollar

Discover how a Victorian farmer turns a handy profit trading livestock without being at the market or putting a dollar down.

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Animal health

Combination vs rotation: the big question in lice management

Read how Fennec lice treatment combines the power of two actives for outstanding efficacy, and five weeks’ protection from reinfestation.

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Multimin Performance Ready Challenge announces 2021 winners

Hear from the winners of the 2021 Multimin Performance Ready Challenge and how using Multimin has helped their production.

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Feed quality impacting animal performance

In a wetter year, producers are encouraged to test their grain and forage quality, to assess what the risk of mould and mycotoxin contamination is to livestock.

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Act now to reap benefits throughout the fly season

Learn how Applying long-acting fly preventatives early in the season reduces fly numbers and reduces resistance development.

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Hoof care and managing pain in lame cattle

As winter is coming, now is the time to adopt preventative strategies for managing hoof care in cattle. Shoof offers a range of products to help.

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GlanEry combines two sheep vaccines in one

GlanEry 7 in 1 B12 provides the convenience of two vaccines in one with premium disease protection, making sheep vaccination simple and easy.

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Dual-active cattle drench – a game-changer for cattle producers

Read how independent research confirms the significant cost of using ineffective drenches on herd performance and what you can do.

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Crop protection


Next generation aphid control for canola growers

Canola growers will have access to a powerful new insecticide for aphid control this season following the registration of MainMan 500WG insecticide in canola.Read more


Complete options for weed control with Arylex active products

Read about the four herbicides, based on Arylex active, are providing growers with ideal options for weed control and use patterns.

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Fungicide spray window in southern canola crops a game changer

Read how a wider spray application window for southern canola crops is helping farmers control fungal diseases and boost yields.

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Mollusc mitigation – what risks do snails and slugs pose?

Read about how the weather effects snail numbers and the best treatment options for them.

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Start the season with a clean, clear boom sprayer

Learn how All Clear DS can help you clean your boom sprayer as you prepare for winter plantings and ultimately help your crop.

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ProGibb SG fills the winter feed gap

When pasture’s not firing in winter and you need to fill a feed gap, the most economical and effective solution could be ProGibb.

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A green future for nitrate fertilisers

Yara is banking on ‘green’ ammonia in its bid to slash its carbon footprint by 30 per cent within a decade and became carbon neutral by 2050.

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How post-emergence nutrition affects broadacre crops

Read how post-emergence nutritional sprays are an easy way to boost nutrition during this growth stage.

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Stamina grazing-tolerant lucerne with true grazing tolerance

When identifying lucerne cultivars for true grazing tolerance, PGG Wrightson recommends cultivars evaluated in Australia under the internationally-recognised Standard Test Protocol.

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Get to know your lucerne breeder

Learn about the global lucerne-breeding program at S&W Seed Company, heavily focused on producing high forage and seed yielding varieties.


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Managing winter cereal crops for maximum performance

Managing autumn sown forage and dual-purpose cereal grazing crops to fill winter feed gaps is critical to maximising both crop and livestock performance.

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Tech, fencing and general interest

angus-cattle-grazingRevolutionary technology delivers individual animal weights from the paddock

Read about the new highly mobile Tru-Test Remote Walk Over Weighing Flexi Drafter system saving producers time and money.

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Gallagher S12 Lithium Solar Fence Energizer aids in pasture renovation

Learn how the new Gallagher S12 Lithium Solar Fence Energizer helps with pasture management, offering a more portable solution.

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