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A strong performance in the first half of FY22

As a business, this time of year centres around sharing our results with customers and shareholders. Elders posted a strong performance in the first half of FY22 and we now expect to deliver full year 2022 Underlying Earnings before Interest and Tax (EBIT) in the range of 30 to 40 per cent above full year 2021 Underlying EBIT.

Our performance goes hand in hand with the success of Australian agriculture, as the whole industry benefits from high commodity prices and favourable seasonal conditions. Confidence is up in most regions, as evidenced by extreme demand from our customers for chemical and fertiliser in anticipation of another successful winter crop.

The agricultural supply chain hasn’t been without its challenges and I’d like to thank our staff and suppliers who have worked tirelessly to secure vital inputs for our customers. Working across a range of products aimed at maximising yield, realising pasture potential and improving the health of livestock.

This edition of Seasons covers some of the newest products and findings from some of our top suppliers as we head into another long winter.

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FMDs – an end of financial year option

Find out how Farm Management Deposits (FMDs) risk management tool can assist Australian farmers to manage the volatility of farm incomes.

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Elders launches industry-leading rural property update

Elders recently launched the all-new Elders Rural Property Update, providing ongoing industry-leading analysis on a quarterly basis.

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Deep soil insights key to better cropping returns

Beth Sleep – Elders Soil Specialist reveals what lies beneath the top soil and unlocks the potential of under-performing cropping zones.

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Regenerative agriculture explained

Thomas Elders Consulting’s specialist agronomist, Peter Spies talks about how regenerative agriculture can help build soil carbon and stimulate soil biology.

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Animal health


Optimising reproductive performance in stock

Selenium plays an important role in cattle and sheep metabolism, growth, reproductive health and the body’s natural defence.

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sheep standing in front of hay stack

Exit drenches for long-acting injections and capsules in sheep

Long-acting drenches are a popular treatment choice with many sheep farmers at lambing. Zolvix offers the solution.

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Weaning and the importance of trace minerals

Learn about the importance of weaning and how Multimin can help optimise the health and performance of both dam and the offspring.

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Drench resistant parasites are a concern

High worm burdens rob cattle of daily weight gain, feed conversion efficiency, milk production and more. Learn the best methods of parasite management.

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Crop protection and fertilisers


New fungicides delivering multiple benefits

Learn how ADAMA fungicide range can help growers, agronomists and consultants control diseases in crops.

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How post-emergence nutrition affects your broadacre crops

How post-emergence nutrition affects your broadacre crops

Read how post-emergence nutritional sprays are an easy way to boost nutrition during this growth stage.

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Controlling pests and diseases in crops.

Learn how Biopest® provide an integrated pest and disease management product to control multiple, unrelated pests and fungal diseases simultaneously.

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Short rainfast fungicide suits frequent rain events

Learn how strategic fungicide use in canola during frequent rain periods paid-off for northern wheatbelt grower Trevor Piggott last year.

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Miravis® Star fungicide delivers value in pulses and canola

A new fungicide offering extended residual control of a wide range of diseases in canola and pulse crops has been released by Syngenta.

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ORONDIS® Flexi fungicide proves its worth

Read an argonomist’s experience in using Orondis Flexi fungicide for disease control in a melon crop in Bowen, Queensland.

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The science of choosing snail and slug baits

There are so many things to consider when choosing a snail or slug bait. In this article, we break down the science for you.

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plant-leaf -24hrs-after-being-sprayed-with-cheers-weathershield

Cheers WeatherShield: the formulation you can rely on

Read the history behind the fungicide Cheers WeatherShield and read customer testimonies from happy users.

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New fungicide now available for wheat and barley growers

Wheat and barley growers will have access to a powerful new fungicide for disease control this season following the registration of Uplift fungicide in Australia.

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Fertiliser choice helps reduce on-farm carbon emissions

Learn how you can help to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions simply by choosing quality nitrate fertilisers that have a known carbon footprint.

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Strategy shift as wild oats resistance becomes a reality

As wild oats are becoming increasingly resistant to Group 1 chemicals, Corteva’s Rexade® Arylex® are providing growers with a successful new strategy.

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Bacstim and Rhizovator – a winning combination

Learn how the use of Bacstim and Rhizovator at planting, the start of a root flush or before a foreseeable stress factor leaves a healthy plant.

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Act fast to minimise viral spreading

Aphids quickly cause damage to many crops but you can stop them in 15 minutes thanks to regular monitoring and BASF’s Versys.

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Farm supplies and fencing

Cyclone troughs – A better performing trough!

Learn about the benefits of Cyclone troughs when compared to poly or concrete.

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A new fence system designed for horses

Learn about the Waratah Flexi-Rail system which looks like a timber rail fence, but has greater flexibility, no splintering or need to paint.

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All Clear DS – save your farm unwanted damage

Learn how All Clear DS can help you clean your boom sprayer and ultimately help your crop.

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Gallagher commits to a sustainable future with Landcare

Learn about the way Gallagher supports the work done by Landcare through their ongoing partnership with groups across the country.

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The secret to Plasson’s reliability

Plasson has engineered a compression fitting that seals watertight the instant it is on the pipe, to their captive O-ring.

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Why weigh this winter 

Discover how weighing cows and heifers provides the data to make accurate decisions about supplementary feeding.

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a yard-of-twin-lambs

Ecotain® ticks all the boxes for winter lambs

Discover how the Ecotain® plantain helped Victorian farmers improve lambing percentages and productivity.

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A forage barley variety to fill feed gaps

Read the great results Jonathan and Shelby Pietzsch of Tintinara, SA had when they used Kraken forage barley to fill the winter feed gaps for their stock.

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