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Looking forward to the opportunities of 2022

The summer 2021 edition  of Seasons magazine offers you news and insights into the latest products and tools from our key partners.

While weather conditions in some parts of the country are causing unexpected impacts, the agriculture industry is largely experiencing good seasonal conditions, record-high commodity prices, booming farmland values, low interest rates and an enormous increase in global demand for quality Australian agricultural products.

This environment has created exceptional opportunities for Australian producers and reasons for optimism and excitement as we approach 2022. We look forward to sharing the opportunities of the coming year with you and hope you find value within the pages of this edition of Seasons Magazine.

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Distance no barrier to innovation at Brigodoon Cattle Company

Read how Bob and Andrea Speed are embracing technology to develop a more sustainable and reliable water supply for their remote Queensland properties.

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Elders invests in growing seed genetics division

Learn about the diversification of Elders seed genetics business to form EPG Seeds and the benefits it will bring to Australian farmers.

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Expert advice the key to business success

Read how the information provided by TEC agronomist Roop Sandhu helped Murray Eden in Barham, NSW successfully diversify from dairy to avocados.

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Insights into farmland values

Elders SA rural real estate specialist Grant Schubert discusses the boom in Australian farmland prices and where it might lead in 2022.


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Animal health


Buffalo flies ramp up

The warmer temperatures and recent rainfall events have created the ideal environment for a challenging buffalo fly season. Elanco offers a solution.

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The first choice for sheep summer drench programs

Discover the benefits of making Elanco’s Zolvix Plus your first choice of summer sheep drench and the importance of investing in your animal’s health.

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Summer drenching – don’t let the worms burn you

Learn about the importance of summer drenching and the things to consider when planning your drenching program.

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Crop protection and fertilisers


New insecticide is the preferred weapon against chewing pests

Introducing Plemax®, from ADAMA Australia is a new insecticide that is taking on chewing pests such as the diamondback moth (DBM) and helicoverpa – and winning.

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boomsprayer-in-paddock-at sunset

Begin cropping season with a clean boom sprayer

Learn how All Clear DS can help you clean your boom sprayer as you prepare for winter plantings and ultimately help your crop.

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Sivanto® prime – tough on horticultural pests, but safe for beneficial species

Learn how the stronger and more sustainable Sivanto® prime, a new insecticide from Bayer, will benefit the Australian fruit and vegetable industry.

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Mollusc mitigation – what risks do snails and slugs pose?

Read about how the weather effects snail numbers and the best treatment options for them.

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Craig White of Bayer Australia

New tools to keep ahead of evolving annual ryegrass resistance

Bayer are pleased to announce a new three-way mode of action herbicide, Mateno® Complete, for the fight against annual ryegrass, set to be registered in 2022.

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Significant advantages for Australian growers from new nematicide

Learn about the effects of Corteva’s Salibro® Reklemel®, an active nematicide, now approved for the control of root-knot nematode.

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The ultimate adjuvant for your summer spray program

Discover the many reasons why SST’s Companion should be a part of your summer spray program.

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Maximise your yield even before seeding

Learn about the full range of nutrient solution from Stoller Australia that are designed to improve yield, quality, and profit.

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Making glyphosate go further

With the glyphosate market experiencing turmoil this summer, learn how you can use Valor residual herbicide by Sumitomo as a valuable tool for fallow weed control.

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Quality has its own rewards

Discover how choosing a quality NPK fertiliser such as YaraMila Complex will deliver a range of benefits far beyond its chemical composition.

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Getting the job done with Rancona Dimension

Read how a farmer in Bordertown, South Australia successfully used Rancona Dimenson to counter root disease in cereals.

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Old herbicide classification makes way for the future

With the move to a numbered system to identify different herbicide groups, we discuss how this effects your product selection for resistance management.

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New fungicide delivers flexible control of key almond disease

Learn about Seguris® Flexi, a powerful, single mode of action fungicide now available to almond growers from Syngenta.

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Farm supplies and fencing


Cyclone fence droppers – simple, fast and economical

Learn about the advantages of using Cyclone fence droppers on your next fencing project.

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Multi trans 7000, simply a smarter bin

Read about the Multi Trans 7000, the latest in the range of poly silos by Enmach.


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Philmac ball valves 40 years strong

Learn about Philmac ball valves and why after 40 years they are still the natural choice for Australian conditions.

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Plasson: engineered for rural pipe and rural life

Learn about the Plasson range of Rural Compression Fittings: the toughest, most reliable and easiest to install of all.

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Diesel essential portable ute packs

Read about the range of diesel ute packs manufactured in Australia by Polymaster, for Australian conditions.

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Getting the most out of your crop stubble

Learn how mixed production farmers can make the most of their crop stubble as a feed source with a little supplementation using Optisync.

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Get a better return on investment with Waratah fencing

Read how using Waratah fencing to keep out kangaroos saved two farmers over $70K in potential grain loss.

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The King Kong of tropical grasses: Mekong Briz

Read about the key benefits of Mekong Briz, how best to manage it and an on farm testimonial from an Atherton Tablelands farmer.

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Millie Moore territory manager, inspecting the new S&W Overland production seed paddock at Ivan Schulz farm in Bordertown SA.

With S&W forage cereals, the winter feed gap is filled

Discover how the S&W range of forage cereals can help you fill your winter feed gap and provide quality fodder for a productive enterprise.

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Liberty grain sorghum brings satisfying results in the south

Read how Liberty sorghum has been successfully growing in a Murray River region, much further souh than normal.

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Yield assessment and grazing management

Discover tips to maximise the longevity of your Mainstar forage brassica crop throughout all stages of its lifecycle.

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Improve results through planning

Agronomic and financial planning are key factors for growers looking to maximise profitability and minimise risk. Learn how an Agworld subscription can help you.

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Gallagher Animal Performance helps track animal performance

Learn about the many benefits of using cloud-based Gallagher Animal Performance technology to monitor your herd.

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