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It is an exciting time for Australia’s agriculture industry.

The demand for safe, quality, Australian product has never been higher and is poised for exponential growth as Australia’s neighbouring populations continue to grow and prosper.

To rise to the challenge of continuing to feed Australia, its neighbours and indeed the world’s growing population, the agriculture industry must increase its output – and Elders are here to help growers to do just that. Across all areas of your farming business Elders can help.

This edition of Seasons covers some of the newest products and findings from some of our top suppliers. We hope it provides some value as we head into another autumn season.

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Nigel Hawke – a livestock agent for all seasons

Meet Nigel Hawke, Elders Albany livestock agent. Read about his passion- his job and how no two days are the same.

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Titanium wheat proving performance

Follow the journey of south Gippsland farmer Matt Brown as he successfully grows his first crop of EPG Seeds’ Titanium gold wheat.

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Picking up after cyclone Seroja

Read how Elders and its staff came to the aid of those affected by tropical cyclone Seroja which struck northern Western Australia in April 2021.

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Elders Muchea flagship branch set to open early 2022

Elders announce a major new built-for-purpose site at Muchea in Western Australia, due to open in 2022. Learn the benefits for the community.

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Animal health


Is your current sheep drench really working?

Discover how to take the Zolvix Plus challenge to see if your sheep drench is as effective as you think.

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Weaner cattle – is your drench doing its job?

Read about the importance of ensuring that your cattle drenching program is working, what worms are resistance and how to treat them.

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Troy Animal Health continues Aussie Helpers partnership

Troy Animal Health, in partnership with Aussie Helpers helps Aussie farmers, their families and communities survive through the tough times.

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Worms growing increasingly resistant to parasiticides

Learn more about worms, how they affects cattle health and how Dectomax V products can offer treatment and control of cattle tick and sucking lice.

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Crop protection and fertilisers

Elders agronomists from Central NSW visit Cowra NSW Solutions

New pulse herbicide in field of its own

Read about the new Group E/Group 23 pre-emergent herbicide Ultro® 900 WG, which controls annual ryegrass, barley grass and brome grass in pulse crops.

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happy-client-in-paddock-sprayed-with-voraxor-herbicidePre-emergent herbicide choices improve overall control

Read how the new broadleaf weed herbicide Voraxor can fill some important gaps in pre-plant and pre-emergent weed control programs.

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Nufarm Terrad’or offers effective knockdown

Find out how Nufarm Terrad’or can help farmers in Western Australia fight clover and other weeds in a short period of time.

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Roundup Ready® technology shines

Read trial results which show Roundup Ready by BASF Australia helps control annual ryegrass in canola crops in WA’s Great Southern region..

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Four top reasons customers choose Trojan

Trojan insecticide has always been a popular choice with customers. FMC’s market research has revealed four reasons why.

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When do I need to bait for snails and slugs?

Discover how to monitor for snails and slugs in commercial crops, including when to bait and what to use..

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The best choice in seed treatments is changing

Learn about benefits of two of the latest seed treatment options, Systiva and ILeVO from BASF Australia..

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Weed control options for SA grown canola

Read about the benefits to South Australian canola growers when they grow either TruFlex or Roundup Ready canola varieties from Bayer.

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Maximise nutrient use efficiency with new SYLAS-ST

Learn how the new SYSLAS-ST stimulant from UPL can help plants improve root and shoot biomass resulting in improved nutrient and water uptake from the soil.

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Pre-emergent herbicides vital for weed control

Terry Edis Elders Ariah Park (southern NSW) agronomist talks of the benefits of using herbicides as part of your pre-emergent program..

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Locally produced nitrogen you can bank on

BASF Australia manufacture two types of inoculants and pledge to prioritise supply the Australian market. Learn more..

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Soil moisture agent surprises in trials

Find out how SACOA’s SE14 improves early seedling emergence and vigour, particularly in non-wetting soils and/or dry seeding situations.

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Build your soil health to maximise fertiliser returns

Discover how a focus on soil health will reap financial benefits by helping crops to achieve their potential.

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Stress damage –what’s it doing to your yield?

Discover how certain products can help mnimise the effects of stress in your crops.

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Guaranteed quality for better results

With more than 100 years’ experience, read how Yara delivers integrated crop nutrition solutions that genuinely increase crop productivity and profitability.

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Flexibility and consistency key in pre-emergent ARG control

Discover how trial data shows Boxer Gold herbicide by Syngenta is winning the war against major weeds such as annual ryegrass..

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Farm supplies and fencing


Cyclone N Sure have an impressive list of features

Read about the impressive features of Cyclone N Sure gates and why would should consider them for your property.

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Waratah fencing – proven to be effective in the field

Read how Waratah Fencing has helped Dean Hague increase his income by a few hundred thousand dollars within six months of installing the products.

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Gallagher commits to a sustainable future with Landcare

Learn about the way Gallagher supports the work done by Landcare through their ongoing partnership with groups across the country.

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Innovative engineering: the next best thing to rain

Read how innovation is at the heart of all Plasson poly-pipe fittings, and their unique o-ring design.

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Close-up of mycotoxins-in-wheat-head

Minimising the effect of mycotoxins

Learn how a targeted aproach is best to reduce the risk of mycotoxins to both animal health and your business profitability.

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Five compelling reasons to weigh cattle this autumn

Monitoring the weight of your livestock during autumn helps measure performance and informs decisions that will impact herd health and profitability.

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60 years of compression fittings

Philmac has been manufacturing compression fittings to suit Australian rural life for 60 years. Read the history here.

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close-up- healthy-manta-italian-ryegrass

Manta Italian ryegrass is ready to grow

Manta is the latest diploid Italian ryegrass from Agricom, developed to give Australian farmers very strong growth and high yields in its first year.

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Q31 lucerne, for superior chaff

Find out how S&W Seed’s product Q31 lucerne has helped Mr McShane produce high-quality chaff for feed stores and the horse market.

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Add value to perennial pastures with nitrogen fixed from legumes

Read how you can reduce the cost of nitrogen for your operation by sowing legumes as part of your autumn perennial planting.

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