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Have an interest in carbon farming projects but unsure where to begin? Jump on to our final virtual event for 2020 and put your questions to the experts as they discuss the opportunities for Australian farmers in the Carbon Farming space.

Wednesday 25 November

5:30pm – 7:00pm AEDT

Spots limited, register now:

We welcome the following speakers:

Peter Spies | Thomas Elder Consulting

Pathways to building Soil Carbon

Join Peter Spies to explore the link between soil biology and nutrient components and how they are managed to improve land health and business profitability. Peter will delve into going beyond simply building soil carbon for carbon sequestration payments,  he will present  land management activities that are eligible for soil carbon projects and impacts to  your bottom line.

Noel Jansz | Elders

Sustainable Development Goals with SAHARA

Learn from Noel Jansz, Elders Agronomist about sustainable farming options using the SAHARA model.  SAHARA focusses on new technologies, soil health discoveries, advances in microbiology and then develops practical  benchmarks  against the World’s best-known practices and scientific data on soil health.

Raphael Wood | Market Advisory Group

Should you be interested in carbon farming?

There is a lot of information about carbon farming, sustainable agriculture and the opportunities and risks for landholders. From increasing carbon in your soil to planting trees on your property. Raphael Wood will break down how carbon farming works, how landholders can get involved and the different ways to earn an income from carbon farming.

Shayleen Thompson | Clean Energy Regulator

Soil Carbon in the Emission reduction fund

Shayleen Thompson has extensive experience in international and domestic climate change policy. She has served as a lead negotiator on land issues for the Kyoto Protocol and has worked on the National Greenhouse Gas Inventory, the Government’s National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme and the Renewable Energy Target.   Prior to joining our agency, Shayleen led work on the Carbon Farming Initiative and the Emissions Reduction Fund before taking on the role of Acting CEO of the Climate Change Authority.  In that role Shayleen led work on the Authority’s review of the ERF and Australia’s policies and goals for the Paris Agreement. Shayleen is now an Executive General Manager in the Clean Energy Regulator, with responsibility for the Emissions Reduction Fund/ Climate Solutions Fund, National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting, Safeguard and the Renewable Energy Target.


The event will run on Microsoft Teams. Download the how to get set up guide here.

The virtual event link will open half an hour prior to the start time.