Water Trading

Elders has a long history of trading water throughout Australia. In this complex and increasingly sophisticated market, the addition of an experienced and dedicated team of specialist water brokers allows you to easily trade water, access expert information and experience fantastic service all backed by a trusted brand.

We combine local knowledge and passion for your local community with the most current market insights and a “big picture” perspective. Whether it’s trading your seasonal allocation or a permanent entitlement, an Elders water broker can help. They will work to support you and develop strategies to ensure the security of your irrigation business. We can provide clients long-term leases of water entitlement, forward trades into future seasons and the best way to carry over water at the end of each season.

Anthony Bent
Phone: 0429 332 664

Kevin Rochow
Phone: 0438 763 443

Peter Gale
Phone: 0408 541 890

Michael Kucharski
Phone: 0437 192 724

Mathew Horne
Phone: 0409 355 733

Wayne Eeles
Phone: 0428 168 567

Warwick Judge
Phone: 0428 895 425

Clayton Smith
Phone: 0428 878 523

John Dalton
Phone: 0407 549 703

Neville Wong
Phone: 03 5822 7500

Swan Hill/Barham
Peter Robertson
Phone:0417 636 348

For more information, contact Anthony Bent, Water Trading Manager on 0429 332 664